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Wisebiz: The Most Important Business Tool Since The Development of The Telephone

Great communication in business is the key to survival and sustained growth. Regardless of the industry that you work in, Wisebiz brings all areas of your business into one place to ensure that you work at your optimum efficiency and maximise profit. Just imagine, instant access to all your client information and their contact details along with their history from wherever you are... Now add one touch management of all your important tasks and diary events from your phone, tablet, laptop, office PC...Then consider instant communications with both the office and your clients via email, sms, webchat, messaging with both clients and the office. Wisebiz is the true answer to breaking down the walls of your office and taking your company GLOBAL!

On-line WiseBiz functions have previously only been available to large companies at a very large outlay. This system is a business management revelation at a very attractive cost that will transform and revolutionise the way that your company works. It is equally suitable for start-ups through to companies that have many years of trading and from the sole-trader through to the company with numerous employees.

Every aspect of your business is brought together and integrated in one product that is available on ANY device, WHEREVER you are.

Unlike other business management systems, Wisebiz business management software allows you to develop a centralised, company-wide strategy that allows for the effective management of all customer and potential customer interactions. It allows you to stay connected to clients and to streamline processes. However, WiseBiz is not simply a contact management system. It also includes an effective small business accounting software system with integrated shopping cart technology allowing you to offer e-commerce and online shopping funcionality to your clients with no additional work or costs!

WiseBiz:- The simple solution to managing and improving your profitability and efficiency.

Your company will already have sales targets, business objectives and profitability measurement mechanisms of course. However, getting instant, up-to-date, reliable information on your progress towards your goals can be tricky and time-consuming. WiseBiz is the solution to this. Fully integrated, online and accessible anywhere at any time.

Wisebiz gives you a clear overview of your customers and other contacts with everything in one place. A simple, customisable dashboard gives you instant access to customer's previous history, order status, outstanding customer service issues, task management, staffing requirements, diary appointments, Holidays, and so much more. Surely its about time that you looked into doing business the WizeBiz way?

Contact us today and get your business moving in the right direction now!

Main Features

Contact Management

Like any business - your contacts & customers are key to your business. Scrap the old methods of keeping track of your contacts and move to WiseBiz - where all of your customers can be quickly contacted at the click of a button.

Professional-Class Scheduling

With WiseBiz - each member of your team is provided with their own log in account. This account further has access to a number of personal and office calendars. Is a member of staff off sick? No problem, simply view and manage their tasks

Shopping Cart & Order Management

WiseBiz allows you to build in product-ordering and order-status tracking to your own website. You have no web-site development to organise or worry about, WiseBiz takes care of it all


WiseBiz is built atop secure foundations. Connection to the portal is encrypted using 128-bit enterprise-level encryption technology. Additionaly, individual users can be granted/denied access to various areas as required.


WiseBiz enables individuals, and teams of any size to work together efficiently and quickly. Shared group calendars, team to-do lists shared information access makes management processes slick and smooth bringing your company together.

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