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Developing a successful sales strategy requires a keen understanding of consumers and their purchasing behaviours. These behaviours vary greatly at different stages of the process. Wisebiz enables you to follow the main steps that these stages take.

Customer Sales Management System

First contact

The primary goal at this phase is to bring awareness to your brand and to entice the potential customer to want to learn more about your goods or services. Ultimately, you want to generate high-quality leads. With Wisebiz you have a number of ways to promote your products and contact your prospective customers with information about your goods and services, either singly or in batches. Creating your prospective contacts into ‘groups’ enables you to target those groups more effectively and track and trace which ‘groups’ are being most effectively marketed. You can then redirect your marketing strategy as necessary.

First lead
From the general promotions in step 1 above, you now have prospective customers. This signifies that the consumer is interested in your goods or services but perhaps not quite ready yet to take the leap and make a sale to become a customer.
You can now focus on targeted and personalised marketing strategies. Email marketing, sales calls, social media marketing and content marketing all work well at this stage. Don’t solely focus on making a sale. Instead, focus on building trust and fostering relationships. For example, within their contact record in Wisebiz, make a note that they have said they are going on holiday, keep of note of where and when so that you can call them when they come home and ask them if they had a lovely holiday. Pick up on any little conversations like this and keep notes. Before you make a call, check your previous notes and refer to them in your new conversation even if it has nothing to do with your business products or services, and avoid making it seem as though you are reading a ‘script’, such as ‘I remember when we last spoke you were going to go and have your hair done?’

This is the phase when you convert a prospective customer into an actual paying customer. You have been able to convince the consumer that they need your goods or services to the point that they make a sale. The most important thing to focus on at this stage is to make sure your customer has had a pleasant buyer’s experience.
Having customer-friendly processes in place, such as an easy-to-use website, a secure payment method and an efficient customer service strategy are vital to enhancing the buyer’s overall experience. Wisebiz integrates all of these features for you. This is also the time to analyse the effectiveness of your marketing techniques up to this point. Determine what strategies are working best to make this conversion happen and where adjustment may need to take place.

Keep the client
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the customer contact stops once the sale is made. The truth is that you are only halfway to your ultimate goal. It is now time to continue building on the customer relationships developed during the first three stages. Regular engagement with the customer using the Wisebiz batch contact methods will help to keep your brand fresh in their mind and to encourage repeat purchases. Sales techniques like cross-selling, up selling and loyalty rewards are very effective at retaining customers. Each contact in Wisebiz has a ‘last contacted’ date and the ability to forward mark a customer for future contact, meaning you are being proactive in contacting your clients rather than waiting for them to come to you.

Customer Service

Creating loyalty for your company should always be your ultimate goal. These are clients who not only make regular purchases but also are willing to promote your goods and services to others. They will refer others to your business and post positive reviews online. This type of customer loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. You have to develop strong relationships throughout the entire process.
Defining the five main stages will allow you to create an effective sales strategy that attracts, converts and retains customers, as well as transitioning them into advocates for your business. Whether you are focusing on marketing strategies, customer engagements or sales figures, understanding these five stages will help you take on more customers, whilst fostering existing Customer relationships at the same time.

Contact System

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