Integrated Stock Control

Have you ever gone into a supermarket and been frustrated that the shelves are empty of the particular item you want to purchase? You have purchased it before so its not like they don’t stock that item, they’ve just run out and not re-ordered.

Stock Management Software 

You have to think to yourself ‘how come!’? In this day and age with computerised tills, every product having a bar-code, how can they possibly run out without knowing? Its not like when you had a stock-control person who walked down each isle making a note of what was getting low and manually ordering more.

With Wisebiz Stock Control, you will have a full itemised report of your stock and you will be prompted when to re-order. You will be able to order before you actually run out of a product so that you never again have a disappointed customer, who will then move on to an alternative supplier.

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