Is Your Working Day Fun?

A member of the WiseBiz support team recently stated that they can’t wait to start work in the morning, helping and advising the customers who need assistance using our Wisebiz Business Management Software System. Not that it’s difficult to use at all, but some people just like to chat!

We wonder if you can say the same about your working day? Our focus is on making your life easier, and with the time management, contact management, stock management features, amongst others, you should find that you also enjoy getting up for work in the morning.

Don’t feel like traipsing into the office today?


There may be no need…..Our business management system is completely cloud based, and you can access it from anywhere you need to, whether in your office on your Windows PC, or from your iPad or MAC whilst having a lie in. The days of working from a static office are coming to an end, have you considered whether your business really needs to work in the old way? Sure many businesses do rely on a central  premises, and WizeBiz can help here too, but given modern communication method, and easy access to centralised information,  many of our clients no longer have nor need an office. WiseBiz works in both scenarios.

Improve Your Work-Life Balance….Millions of other workers are

What about all those invitations to parties and weddings that you have had to turn down, because you just have to go into the office that day to sort out your stock control, or contact your staff or customers on an urgent matter. Go to the party, let your hair down, you can do all this from your mobile device, whilst toasting the bride and having a boogie on the dance floor.

We have a customer who is a wedding photographer, and she can go around the guests, taking all their details for future weddings in the offing, inputting them directly into the Wisebiz Contact Management System, whilst still enjoying that glass of wine.


Give yourself the work/life balance that you have always dreamed of and look forward to Mondays like never before.

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