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Contact Management Systems

Improve Contact Relations…. Increase Business Growth

Maintaining and managing your contacts on mobile devices works to an extent, but the shortcomings of this approach become obvious as a business grows.

  • How can multiple users access and manage client contact details in real time?
  • What happens if you lose/break your mobile device?
  • What happens if you need access to more than basic contact details for a client such as when you last spoke to them…what was said to them?
  • What about what your client last purchased? Or is currently interest in?
Wisebiz is the Contact Management Tool that keeps all your important contacts in one safe, secure place for instant access anywhere anytime on any device regardless of the operating system or device.

Never Miss A Trick: A missed meeting, a promised call-back that doesn’t happen, a forgotten order! The Wisebiz contact management system ensures that such errors cannot happen. Wisebiz gives all employees instant concurrent access to ALL your company contact information wherever they are and whenever they need it. Your information is held securely and different access levels may be defined for different employees so that the right people see what they should see.