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Powerful Information Access: As you already know, information, along with access to this information is POWER. The first advantage you will appreciate once you come on board with WiseBiz, is the convenience of having ALL your contacts in one place, with immediate accessibility from anywhere. If you are thinking 'yes but I can do this on my mobile device now....' It is important to realise that with WiseBiz everyone in your business can have access to the same centralised information, and that once someone makes an alteration this is immediately available to all.

Stay in Contact With Ease: From a contacts record simply click a button to automatically send them an email or SMS

Contact History: Every telephone call, email or sms is automatically logged for future reference.

Powerful Group & Product Management: You can create an unlimited number of status groups and product groups and easily assign contacts to groups; eg cold prospects, warm prospects, hot prospects, customers, etc. You can automatically send group communications to everyone in a status or product group which is great for automated product and special offer notifications

Our contact management system is designed to enable you to be pro-active with your contacts, not just customers, but staff, suppliers and anyone with whom you communicate during the course of your business. For example, the contact management tool records the last time you contacted a client, or they contacted you, which means that you can check which contacts you haven’t heard from for a period of time. This allows you to ensure that customers come back to you again and again, because you are keeping in contact with them, rather than waiting for them to come to you. There are many ways, in which you can use this customer relationship management section of Wisebiz, either a simple phone call, or to email, or send sms messages to individual contacts or batches in defined groups, particularly useful for promoting your business, special offers, newsletters etc. Wisebiz is the entire solution, unlike other small business contact management systems which only provide basic contact management alone.

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