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Responsive Web Designing

No matter what size your company, or where you are located or what you do or sell you need a web-site to compete in today’s business world. In addition, your web-site needs to be kept up-to date to ensure that it views as expected and functions well across todays range of devices. A fast and responsive web-site will work well for your company, whilst an outdated site will work against you. At WISEBIZ we have the skills and knowledge to build designs that work on every device from a desktop PC through to the latest mobile devices giving viewers a consistent experience. We do not simply use templates to give a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our designers will work with you to achieve what you need: You tell us what you need, we deliver.

Web Hosting

Web-site hosting is the publishing and management of your web-site and the email addresses that are linked to your domain. WISEBIZ can offer a variety of hosting solutions starting from just £8.00 pcm. If your needs are more detailed and security is paramount, then we can supply and manage a dedicated LINUX server for larger companies. The team at WISEBIZ offer a professional approach leading to trouble-free execution and can deliver a hosting and management solution whatever your company size.