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The wise owl knows that your business is going well. He wonders whether you might like a little help to do it even better?
WiseBiz: is a web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that allows your company to maximise sales potential and manage growth. WiseBiz enables your company to work in a modern, fully integrated way freeing itself from the confines of the office.
WiseBiz: will allow you to work efficiently reducing the time wasted by having to rummage through spreadsheets, emails and texts. With WiseBiz it’s all in one place. Using our unique call-logging feature you will be able to record your interactions with clients and contacts tracking your progress with potential leads in real-time. You can also send batch SMS and emails to a selected contact group with a simple click!
WiseBiz: provides you with a cross-company calendar application that will integrate with your mobile device. To allow you to manage your outstanding tasks and contacts effectively, WiseBiz enables you to personalise this feature to work the way that you do. We believe that the less time you spend on trying to manage your time, the more time you can spend on providing your clients with improved customer service
WiseBiz: is as easy to operate as the websites that you use on a daily basis. As a client of WiseBiz you will benefit and enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere. WiseBiz enables you to specify which products your customers like or subscribe to; just like Amazon and other large consumer sites. MAXIMISE YOUR SALES OPPORTUNITIES.
WiseBiz: is an innovative business solution that enables you to connect with and better understand your customer’s needs and requirements. As well as this, WiseBiz ensures that your company will never have to install or upgrade software again! You will benefit from automatic upgrades, allowing you to always be up to date and cutting edge.
WiseBiz: Always provides an outstanding service to our clients. Rest assured that we’ll take you under our wing.