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WiseBiz offers a number of ways to ensure that both individual employees and your company as a whole manages time effectively.

Powerful Office Diary: Each individual user has a diary management tool that allows them to manage their daily appointments and tasks. Various appointment views and reports can be generated by day/week/month. Further to this, managers can easily view all appointments and tasks for either selected, or all employees. This gives managers a powerful company overview, especially useful when employees are absent.

Wisebiz time management tracking software means that you can know exactly where you and your staff need to be, and when. You will be able to see when staff is away on leave, make recurring appointments for one or multiple users, such as an office meeting at 9am every Monday morning, or for only selected attendees. Effective time management allows you to be more efficient and more productive, as you will know when you have available time to schedule events around your existing appointments and to assign certain jobs to certain members of staff. You will always know where you should be at any point.

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