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The WiseBiz system will allow you to improve your company services and product marketing and hence your sales, with an ease and power that you have only dreamt about. Additionally, all your company information and marketing routines are centralised and can be done from anywhere...anytime.

Client & Product Management: Create an unlimited number of client status groups and product groups and easily assign contacts to groups; eg cold prospects, warm prospects, hot prospects, customers, etc. You can then automatically send group communications to everyone in a status or product group which is marvellous for automated product and special offer notifications.

Manage Huge Sales Lists With Ease: Either build up your sales lists manually, or quickly import sales lists from purchased, opt-in suppliers.

Client's Contact & Purchase History: Having a complete record, at your finger-tips, of a client's previous contact and purchase history allows for accurate, targeted and effective pro-active marketing.

HTML (full graphic layout) email Marketing: HTML marketing allows for professionally designed emails to be easily batched to a selected contact status or product group:
a) Design your html email using the online design tool
b) Select the group of contacts that will be interested in this sales campaign
c) Hit the send button
d) Watch your sales increase!

example of a basic html email design
Basic HTML Email Design

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