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Task Management Software…. Key to Successful Business Management

Powerful Task Management Routines: The effective management of tasks is key to sucessful business management. WiseBiz has a number of highly efficient, easy to use task management features.

To ensure that tasks are completed as efficiently as possible and that all necessary information is shared in real time across the company, WiseBiz also has a powerful 'Internal Messaging' feature.

Why not get WiseBiz setup now and start finding out how much easier life can be and how much more efficiently you could be working?

The online task management software section of Wisebiz enables you to mark events for future attention. In addition to the appointments system for such things as office meetings, or staff vacation, the task management module allows you to schedule a follow up note for yourself that you need to chase up a delivery, or assign a task to another member of staff to do the chasing for you. You can project manage by delegating specific tasks to specific users, with a date on which the follow up needs to be made and a note if further chasing is required, so that it can be re-scheduled. This enables you to be pro-active rather than re-active. You will be calling your customers to ask them if they are ready to place another order for your product or services, because you will have made a note of the last time they ordered and in what quantity, so that you know when they are running low again.

Task Management Software

Online Task Management Software