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Client Support Help Desk.

What is a Help Desk System?

Give your clients the superior level of support that they deserve. A good help desk ticketing system ensures that any company that offers support to their customers, (and let's face it this should be EVERY company), to run efficiently and effectively. It is the modern support communication mechanism that far exceeds the usual telephone/email options still offered by many companies. Each client has their own login to a secure web-portal where they can view open tickets or record new tickets. Newly posted tickets are immediately received by the support team and dealt with appropriately. The client is notified when a solution has been posted to their ticket. Communication continues between the client and the company until the ticket is marked as completed, usually by the client.

A company can of course continue to offer Telephone/Email Support in addition to a ticketing system, but once both clients and the company have become familiar with the ticketing option, they will soon come to rely on it and will move exclusively over to it.

Below is shown an example of what the client sees regarding their open tickets. It clearly shows how has responded last to the tcket, and who is to respond next.

Why is a ticketing system preferable to the usual telephone/ email options?
Convenience for both your client and your company: You will have heard the term 'telephone tennis'? A customer calls on the telephone and cannot immediately get through to your support team so they leave a message. When the client is called back they are involved in something else so they leave a message that you have called ....boing.....boing etc. A ticketing system gets over this completely, The client posts their query, and your company posts the response which the client picks up when they are ready. This is highly efficient for both client and support team

Proof & Traceability: But doesn't email already offer this convenience though? Well yes to an extent....but when you post your reply to your client are your sure that they will receive it? What if your careful response ends up in their spam folder, or one of other frequently unexplained 'lost email' failures occurs? Faith in your support system reduces in your clients eyes.

Easy future reference: emails are notoriously hard to locate months/years later and refer back to. All questions asked by your client, along with your responses are immediately available to your client in their web-portal. This cuts down on your support as the client can easily refer back to previous questions and answers.

Professionalism: A company that offers a ticketing system immediately appears highly professional in the eyes of their clients.

In a nutshell: A great help desk ticketing system benefits end users and your company service desk team alike, reducing service times, and allowing services to be easily tracked. This allows for further improvements in service and lets service desk workers focus their energies on solving problems. The WiseBiz ticketing mechanism is fully integrated into the product. As soon as your client posts a ticket your WiseBiz desktop notifies you.